Hello! In this post, I will show you how to run JupyterNotebook or JupyterLab on any server that you have ssh access to. I really like this method because it allows me to work and debug on the server without lag, especially when I have to work with large datasets and complex models. All you need is a terminal and a browser!

Step-by-step guide

  1. First you need to ssh to your remote server by running the following from your laptop ssh usrname@ip.address
  2. One you’re in the server, make sure that jupyter is installed. You can use this documentation to install JupyterLab or this documention for JupyterNotebook.
  3. Once you have it installed, cd towards the directory that you want to work in. Then run the following command in the terminal of the remote server: jupyter lab --no-browser --port #### You can replace the port numner (####) with any desired number that is not already in use, for instance here I use 8880. Then the terminal should output something like this:


  4. Then you open a new tab in your terminal on your laptop and run the following command: ssh -N -f -L localhost:####:localhost:#### usrname@ip.address Where #### is the portnumber (so it can be 8880), and usrname@ip.address are the credentials that you use to log into the server.

  5. Once you run that, you can copy the link in your terminal from step 2 and paste it in your browser. Or paste http://localhost:8880/lab. Now you should be redirected to JupyterLab!


Hope this was helpful :)