Hi, I am Lynn. Welcome to my website :) I am doing my PhD at the Neural Coding Lab, where I study the relationship between brain signals and the stimuli that produce them. My research focuses on creating complex computer models to reconstruct naturalistic images from the human and monkey brain.

I became fascinated by the idea of using mathematical and computational techniques to understand how the brain works when I did my internship with Dr. Umut Güçlü. After completing my degree, I decided to pursue a PhD in this area and in his lab to continue exploring this fascinating topic.

The relationship between the activity of neurons and mental processes can help us better understand how the brain works and how different areas are corresponding to different cognitive functions. This information can be used in many different ways, such as developing new treatments for brain disorders, such as epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease. It could also be used to improve our ability to communicate with people who are unable to speak or move, such as individuals who are paralyzed or have suffered a stroke. Or it can help us create better devices for blind patients or deaf people.

I am excited to continue exploring the mysteries of the brain through my research in neural coding :)